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Relationships Are Built On Trust

At Janrain, we believe each customer’s unique digital identity is their key to this personally connected world, which makes that identity the most valuable thing they own. Companies that treat each customer’s identity safely and securely will be the ones to earn their trust and loyalty. Protecting customer identity data is our highest priority. That’s why Janrain leads the customer identity and access management (CIAM) industry in privacy, security, availability and compliance.

Current status

Janrain is open and transparent about availability - you can see our current status online. In 2017 we delivered 99.998% Identity Cloud actual availability on a 99.95% SLA.

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Janrain offers the highest level of security for mission-critical enterprise needs, with the most externally validated data protections of any CIAM vendor.

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Janrain leads the industry in privacy, offering the first GDPR-ready CIAM solution, as well as professional services to help our clients comply with new privacy regulations.

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Janrain adheres to the highest standards for compliance, going beyond other companies in our industry to meet the needs of the most security-conscious customers.

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